Facebook Critical Review TAFE Assessment V

So today I’m going to give my personal review of the world’s number one social media application Facebook.  Facebook, in my opinion is possibly one of the greatest social media applications to date and its popularity is reflected worldwide with a staggering 1.2 billion users globally.

Facebook is designed for its users to interact socially online with family and friends by instant messaging and posting “statuses” to their “friends” wall. Facebook also enables its users to keep up to date with the latest news in world, music, movies, sports and general interest by subscribing to the hosts news feed. There is also an option for users to escape reality and delve in to the world of gaming.

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends and can also present opportunities to meet new friends by enabling the user to add a “mutual friend” expanding the users social circle. Facebook also enables the user to upload photo’s and statuses of importance (or non in some cases) regardless of where ever they are in the world. Pics, memes, video are fast becoming a way of interaction whether it be in the form of a single “like” or sparking conversation.

With all the positive aspects that social media provides us it is hard to imagine there is any downside to this amazing technology. The ability to interact person to person is becoming a thing of the past. Youngsters are gaining access to Facebook and are becoming subject to virtual bullying outside of the school yard and workplace. As social media is impacting our lives more and more with each passing generation so are the social skills that go with it. But this is not necessarily the direct result of Facebook but technology in general, but that in itself is another can of worms.

Overall, Facebook has revolutionised the way everyday people are socialising. No longer are people picking up the phone, a simple post to a wall or a private message seems to be just as effective.

**Facebook 1.23 billion users reference courtesy of Google***


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